Athletic Training Room Policies

Athletic Training Room Rules and Expectations
  1. The Athletic Training Room is for injured athletes only. It is not a place to ‘hang out’ or ‘chill’ before or after practices.
  2. Report all injuries sustained during school-sponsored events as soon as possible.
  3. All student-athletes must have a current UIL physical form on file before they are cleared to participate in sports or receive treatment
  4. Wear appropriate athletic clothing. No jeans, skirts, etc during rehabilitation/treatments. Males and females must wear shirts and shorts of appropriate length. No shoes or cleats are allowed in the Athletic Training Room.
  5. Shower prior to receiving treatments.
  6. Keep all personal items in the locker room (backpacks, purses, etc) to avoid clutter.
  7. No food/drinks.
  8. Morning treatments are 7:30-8:15. Morning treatments are for in-season athletes. All other athletes needing treatment must come in during their athletics period unless otherwise stated by the Athletic Trainers.
  9. The Athletic Training Room is open 7:30am Monday-Friday, and closes at varying times dependent upon after school practices and games. 
  10. All student-athletes must report to their coaches prior to coming in for treatment. Following treatment, student-athletes are expected to report back to their coaches.
  11. Any injury occurring outside of Brennan High School and UIL athletics will not be evaluated. This includes all “club” activities. These injuries must be seen by your own physician. Rehabilitation for these injuries may be performed in the Athletic Training Room at the discretion of the Athletic Training Staff. NISD AT Treatment Policies
  12. If a student-athlete sees a doctor for an injury, they must report to the Athletic Training Staff and present any doctor’s notes upon return to school.The Athletic Training Staff will follow all doctor’s orders, and student-athletes seen by a doctor may only be cleared by their doctor, unless otherwise noted by the doctor.
 Please refer to NISD AT Treatment Policies for more information about non-UIL treatments. 
If a student-athlete is unable to follow these rules, he/she will be asked to leave the athletic training room.