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Required Documents

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In order to participate in athletics at Brennan High School, students and guardians must complete the necessary paperwork. Links to the required documents for participation are provided for download below.

All student-athletes at Brennan High School must have a current physical on file in order to participate. UIL and NISD physical forms for the current year must be evaluated and cleared by the Athletic Trainers, Coach Carter and Coach Witschen, prior to participation.


Physicals are accepted throughout the year as sports try-outs commence. It is highly encouraged and recommended that student-athletes submit their physical for review as soon as possible to avoid any delay in participation.

Please DO NOT leave physicals in the Athletic Training Room or slide them under the office door. It is not recommended to turn physicals into any other coach, so as to eliminate the ‘middle man’ and decrease chances of losing paperwork.

Doctor physicals must be renewed during the student-athlete’s freshman (9th grade) and junior (11th grade) years, any student that has not participated in athletics must also have a current year doctor physical dated after April 1, 2017. 

The NISD history, insurance, and signature forms must be completed every year in order to be eligible to participate.

In the summer, please do not drop off NISD physical packets with coaches, teachers, or administrators. Only Coach Carter and Coach Witschen should receive packets, so as to avoid lost/misplaced physicals and a subsequent lapse in participation.



Athletes who did not attend the PPE service at Stevens HS on May 6 2017, will be responsible for individual physical exams from their personal physician to be eligible for athletic participation. These PPE must be dated on or after April 1, 2017 by the physician.



Beginning this year and from now on, NISD will require additional RankOne Forms to be completed online for ALL athletes grades 9th-12th for the 2017-18 school year.
Athletes cannot participate in practices or competition prior to these Rank One forms being completed online.

Direct link to Electronic Forms on RankOne

PDF RankOne Instructions

Instructions for Rank One:
1)Click on the Rank One link
2)Click the “For Parents” tab in the upper right corner.
3)”Log In” or “Fill Out Electronic Forms” under the “For Parents” tab.
3)On the “Electronic Forms Lookup” page, select state (“TX”).
4)Scroll to find “Northside ISD” and click on the link.
5)Read the directions. Scroll to bottom and click “Start Online Forms”

Creating an account is not required. However, creating an account with an email will result in a confirmation email being sent to the parent after forms are complete.

You MUST have your student’s ID number available as it is required on each form
Use the athletes full name (if last name is hyphenated, please provide both). No nicknames.

1)Emergency information sheet                             5)Insurance
2)Northside Code of Conduct                                6)Media / Photo release form
3)Athletic Injury Protocol                                        7)Behavior Expectations of Spectators
4)UIL Forms Signature page

I) Please make sure all information is accurate, as this will be used in case of emergency.
II) Parent/Guardian AND Student signatures are required in order for forms to be accepted electronically.
III) If you are unsure about the answer to a question, please answer N/A, unknown or none.
IV) To sign the document, click inside the signature box and hold your mouse button down, this will allow you to create an “Electronic Signature.” If you make a mistake and need to start over, click on the refresh icon next to the signature box.
V) Once you have completed each form, you will have the opportunity to print the document.
VI) You will receive a confirmation email once the documents have been reviewed by the Northside ISD Athletic Trainers.
VII) Once completed, click on the “Medical History/Physical” tab to fill out and print to take with you to the doctor (if not already completed and dated after April 1, 2017 for all incoming 9th and 11th graders).

Athletes in 9th and 11th grade must have an annual physical examination by a medical doctor to participate in practices or games.

Students are required to use the Pre-participation Physical Examination Form provided by the UIL. NO OTHER Physical Examination Form can be accepted.
Physicals must be dated, from a physician, after April 1, 2017 to be accepted for the 2017-2018 school year.
This form can be accessed from the Medical History/Physical tab on Rank One or downloaded below.

Physicals and Medical History forms are not submitted online. They must be completed by a physician and returned to the campus Athletic Trainers, Coach Carter or Coach Witschen. No one else should accept this form.



RankOne Instructional Video


NISD offers discounted student-athlete insurance for purchase. Insurance through this service is applied for online via the Brokerage Store. For information regarding benefits, costs, etc, please refer to the website.



Should there be any questions, please contact the Athletic Trainers at Brennan High School.


Necessary Forms by Grade Level
 9th Grade (Freshman)      10th Grade (Sophomore)  11th Grade (Junior)      12th Grade (Senior)
2017-2018 Medical History Form  2017-2018 Medical History Form  2017-2018 Medical History Form  2017-2018 Medical History Form
2017-2018 Physical Exam Form dated after April 1, 2017  No Physical Exam Form needed (unless student has never turned one in)  2017-2018 Physical Exam Form dated after April 1, 2017   No Physical Exam Form needed (unless student has never turned one in)
 2017-2018 Asthma Action Plan form (must be filled out only if asthmatic or carries inhaler)   2017-2018 Asthma Action Plan form (must be filled out only if asthmatic or carries inhaler)   2017-2018 Asthma Action Plan form (must be filled out only if asthmatic or carries inhaler)   2017-2018 Asthma Action Plan form (must be filled out only if asthmatic or carries inhaler)
 Rank One Online Forms   Rank One Online Forms   Rank One Online Forms   Rank One Online Forms 


Coach Carter and Coach Witschen cannot accept any physical packet/paperwork that is not completed.


All documents must be on NISD paperwork (provided below).

Medical History form and Doctor Physical form

Asthma Action Plan

PDF RankOne Instructions

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